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Order by Phone and receive 10% off.  We provide the same level of personal service that you would experience if you visited our shop in Deadwood.

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  1. gail borneman says:

    Can you tell me who was the black hills jeweler who designed jewelry back in the early 60’s and 70 who made special order jewelry. He made a ruby ring for my mother which was stolen and there is one similar listed on ebay – I am trying to find out the name of the jeweler – perhaps he had a patent on it or maybe he left a mark on the ring – I can’t get them to tell me any thing – Just that it came from Langstroms – Can you help me out – I called them but they aren’t too helpful. my number is 214-391-0135. My mom has passed and I believe that the nurse who was taking care of her stole it and pawned it.

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