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  1. Hi Shankar,
    I just found a store credit with you from 10-20-15 for $89.04.#1365
    I would like to use it for purchasing a sterling silver bracelet. Hoping to find a larger link style with out stones.
    Do you have anything that fits that description.
    Love to see some pics. I’m open to adding dollars for the right bracelet and I get retail. You need to make a few bucks.
    Thanks so for your consideration.

    Susan Vissing

  2. Georgia wright says:

    Hello Georgette,

    This is GEORGIA from Milwaukee! Your now Ski for Life sister volunteer!! It was wonderful!!!!

    I should have checked your website earlier! But, in one place it says you are closed and another place it says open from 10 to 4. We are hoping you are open tomorrow afternoon. I want to come with my daughter-in-law to be!!

    Hope you see this before tomorrow! I have been talking up your wonderful store!!!

    Good to see you and your Hubble!

    Georgia Wright

    • shankar says:

      Hello Georgia, Ski for Light Sister. Yes, Ski for Light was wonderful. It was great to see my Volunteer sister. Sorry we missed you, and I just got this e-mail on our website. It was hard to be open due to the weather. Please visit our website with your daughter-in-law and let us know how we can help you. We will be happy to take photographs of anything in the store and e-mail them to you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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