Boulder Opal Pendant

Boulder Opal with stunning green opalescence set in hand crafted sterling silver pendant

Wide Nepalese Cuff Bracelet

Wide sterling silver cuff bracelet is hand crafted with fine Nepalese filigree.

Blue Topaz Bracelet

3 vivid Blue Topaz stones set in hand crafted sterling silver bracelet with toggle clasp

Black Onyx Stud Earrings

Black Onyx set in hand crafted sterling silver stud earrings

Green Quartz Ring

Green Quartz set in hand crafted sterling silver with granulation work. Size 9

Druzy Ring

Fancy shape Carnelian Druzy in intricately hand crafted sterling silver. Size 10

Carnelian Cuff Links

Stunning round Carnelian stones set in hand crafted sterling silver cuff links.

Stichtite Pendant

Unique Stichtite in hand crafted sterling silver setting

Stand Out With Shankar Jewelry

Your jewelry should reflect your personal style. Shopping at Shankar Arts in Deadwood means you don’t have to settle for mass-produced sameness.

Each piece from Shankar Arts and Collection Georgette reflect fine craftsmanship that comes straight from the gem cutters’ wheels.

Through years of travel to India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, and Morocco, Shankar Arts owners Phil  and Georgette continue to bring fine hand-crafted designs from artisans who create one-of-a-kind designs. This is jewelry from cultures where artistic expression and individualism remain highly valued.

Georgette and Phil invite you to shop our online store and see what treasures await you. Our sole intent is to design and collect extraordinary handmade jewelry like no other!