Nepalese Turquoise Ring

This incredible Turquoise ring is hand crafted with sterling silver and fine handwork from Nepal. Size 8 1/4

Oval Sardonyx Earrings

Large oval Sardonyx stones set in hand crafted sterling silver earrings with french wires

Moroccan Carnelian Bracelet

Gorgeous hand crafted Moroccan Carnelian cuff bracelet

Under construction

            Shankar Jewelry will be closed this Winter Season.  October 2019 thru April 2020.  Please visit us in the Spring and Have a Great Winter Please Excuse The Mess. We are making changes to our website and some things may be out of place. You are still welcome to shop

Ruby Zoisite Pendant

Large Trillion Ruby Zoisite in hand crafted sterling silver pendant with fine filigree.

Oval Carnelian Pendant

Extraordinary hand crafted sterling silver pendant is set with an oval Carnelian

Yellow Lodolite Pendant

This hand crafted sterling silver pendant is set with unusual yellow and orange Lodolite.

Globe Trotting With Shankar

  Shankar owners, Georgette Ohayon and Phil Breland, travel all over the world to design and find unique pieces for their customers. Indonesia, Nepal, India, Northern Africa, and Italy are just some of the places they have ventured to. Those who visit the shop on a regular basis often ask questions like, “are they in

Stand Out With Shankar Jewelry

Your jewelry should reflect your personal style. Shopping at Shankar Arts in Deadwood means you don’t have to settle for mass-produced sameness.

Each piece from Shankar Arts and Collection Georgette reflect fine craftsmanship that comes straight from the gem cutters’ wheels.

Through years of travel to India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, and Morocco, Shankar Arts owners Phil  and Georgette continue to bring fine hand-crafted designs from artisans who create one-of-a-kind designs. This is jewelry from cultures where artistic expression and individualism remain highly valued.

Georgette and Phil invite you to shop our online store and see what treasures await you. Our sole intent is to design and collect extraordinary handmade jewelry like no other!